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Strung Out String Band

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The Strung Out String Band

Strung Out String Band

Friday, November 30
Show starts at 9:00

The Flanks album release.

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About Strung Out String Band

The Strung Out String Band is based in New York City and plays energetic dance music from several traditions and epochs. As dedicated interpreters of the "Old Time Southern" and "Wallachian and Moldavan Judeo-Gypsy Wedding" music, we aim to blast audiences into a frenzied dimension of ecstatic boogieing only using fiddle, banjo, guitar, accordion and upright bass.

We've built up our repetoire by huddling around 1930's Hillbilly recordings, learning from our friends in New York's Old Time Music community and from studying with Lautari (Professional Gypsy musicians) in Iasi, Szászcsávás and Bucharest, Romania.

Check our website for complete information:

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