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Sheesham & Lotus & Son

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Sheesham & Lotus & Son -TWO SETS

Sheesham & Lotus & Son

Thursday, January 17
Show starts at 9:00
$10 cover

$10 for TWO SETS! 9:00PM and 10:00PM

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About Sheesham & Lotus & Son

An important moment of reckoning between Lotus Wight and Sheesham Crow was when they realized that they had the common experience as children brushing their teeth to the fiddle tune “Turkey in the Straw”, using the shape of their mouths to manipulate the melody of the tune. It was this kind of idle,yet innate musicality which followed them as youngsters.

Sheesham and Lotus came together in 1998 as Teilhard Frost and Sam Allison, playing as the rhythm section in a fiddle band called Flapjack. Together for the next seven years they were on the road throughout Canada and the United states playing dances-camps, concerts and workshops. It was during this time that both Frost and Allison took a keen interest in the folk traditions of North America, particularly the American south. Both became enthusiastic historians of old-time fiddle and banjo music, learning from the old masters across the regions south of the Mason-Dixon line. Through personal instruction, perseverance and osmosis they learned harmonica, jaw-harp, flatfoot and song.

“…Sheesham and Lotus are the Kings of Old-time!”
-Carrie Ough, The Good Lovelies

Crow and Wight play fiddle and banjo respectively, with an additional array of home-made curiosities of noise-makery. Sheesham is a maker of gourd banjos and fiddles, and Lotus plays an invention called the contra-bass harmoniphoneum, which is a self-contained bass-harmonica and euphonium horn which can be used while plucking a banjo. Indeed it is a well documented fact that Sheesham and Lotus use horns for singing, harmonicas, jaw-harps and more.

The music of Sheesham and Lotus could be described as American roots music. They love to play fiddle tunes, hokum blues songs and ragtime string music. “The sounds of the south are near and dear to our hearts,” says Lotus, “from the old fiddlers on the Lomax collections to the Memphis jug-bands and the Mississippi Sheiks and Narmour and Smith...there is so much to hear and learn.”

"Sheesham and Lotus play music that knocks my hat in the creek! Their fiddle and banjo intertwine seamlessly to show listeners the way home”
-Joe Newberry

Though Sheesham and Lotus have worked primarily as a duo they are joined by third member Sonny Sanderson on sousaphone for festival and theatre dates this upcoming season. Sanderson joins Sheesham and Lotus from Peterborough's the Silver Hearts, with whom Lotus played upright bass for a number of years.

“Come highstepping with Sheesham and Lotus!. Old-time rhythms that will blow the mind and hypnotize! ”
-Chris Coole

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