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Freetown Produce Festival

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Freetown-Sunday Night Bands & Blackpot Supper

Freetown Produce Festival

Sunday, March 24
Show starts at 7:00
$15 cover

Sunday Night: Irish, Old Time & Square Dance
6:00-7:00pm Blackpot Supper available
7:00pm Eamon O'Leary (NYC)
8:00pm Travis & Trevor Stuart (Canton, NC)
9:00pm SQUARE DANCE!!!!

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About Freetown Produce Festival

Freetown Produce Festival - a super fun weekend of Traditional Cajun Cooking & Music
Old-Time, Country, Irish, Jazz & Swing! Come join the party!

The Food:

We are flying Toby Rodriguez up from Louisiana to teach 3 days of Cajun cooking classes and keep us fed in Blackpot Suppers! Toby is a culinary rock star and loves to share his expertise and crafting Cajun delicacies!

The Music:

Friday Night: Ladies Light the Night

7:00pm Country & Waltz Dance Lesson

8:00pm Dubl Handi

9:00pm Kristin Andreassen & Rosie Newton

10:00pm Bailey Cooke

Saturday Night: Swing & Cajun

7:00pm Cajun Dance Lesson

8:00pm Brain Cloud (from Brooklyn)

9:30pm The Revelers (from Lafayette, LA)

Sunday Night: Irish, Old Time & Square Dance

7pm Eamon O'Leary (NYC)

8pm Travis & Trevor Stuart (Canton, NC)


There will also be jams going on with the folks in these bands!!


All Star Line up of Instructors! Just like Blackpot Camp, we have open classes, which means you can come & go as you please, visiting as many classes as you want.

Noon: Cooking class w Toby Rodriguez
7:00pm Country & Waltz Dance Lesson
6:00-7:00pm Blackpot Supper available

Noon: Cooking class with Toby Rodriguez

Saturday Stage room:
Noon-1:30pm Songwriting Seminar with Kristin Andreassen
1:45-4:30pm Singing with Zara Bode & Stefan Amidon
4:45-6:00pm Cajun Rhythm Ruckus with Glenn, Blake, Eric
7:00-8:00pm Cajun & Zydeco Dance Class with Kristin & Claire

Saturday Classroom:
1:45-3:00pm Banjo with Travis Stuart
3:15-4:30pm Fiddle with Trevor Stuart
4:45-6:00pm Cajun Guitar w Chas Justus

6:00-7:00pm Blackpot Supper available

Saturday Jams
1:00-3:00pm Kids Old time Jam
3:00-5:00pm Acoustic Jazz
5:00-7:00pm Southern Ballads
7:00pm-Old time Jam

Noon: Cooking class with Toby Rodriguez

Sunday Stage room:
Noon-1:30pm Singing with Zara Bode & Stefan Amidon
1:45-3:00pm Old Time Repertoire with Travis & Trevor Stuart
3:15-4:30pm Cajun Traditions with Blake, Chas, Eric & Glenn
4:45-6:00pm Clogging with Kristin & Emolyn

Sunday Classroom:
12:15-1:30pm Swing Guitar with Chas Justus
1:45-3:00pm Cajun Accordion with Blake Miller
3:15-4:30pm Cajun Fiddle with Daniel Coolik
4:45-6:00pm Irish Seminar with Eamon O'Leary

Sunday Jams
1:00-3:00pm Old Time Slow Jam
3:00-5:00pm Song Circle
5:00-7:00pm Swing Jam
7:00pm-Cajun Jam

6:00-7:00pm Blackpot Supper available

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