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Performance Workshop

CANCELLED TONIGHT! Performance Workshop -Drop In

Performance Workshop

Tuesday, March 26
Show starts at 8:00
$5 cover


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About Performance Workshop

Monthly Drop in Performance Workshop

A long-discussed project between the ramshackle brains of Geoff Wiley and Kerri Lowe has finally come to fruition – The Jalopy Monthly Drop-in Performance Workshop.

This workshop is an opportunity for songwriters and solo performers (or bands!) to try out material onstage in a supportive group setting for constructive feedback. An ideal opportunity for students enrolled or graduated from other Jalopy instrument or singing courses, we focus on bringing all of your hard work out of your bedroom and onto the stage. We will address topics ranging from the technical details of using a mic, to emotional expression and “acting a song,” to the meaning of performance and our highly opinionated “best practices” for performing (NO APOLOGIZING!).

The point of the workshop is to give everyone stage time, so we will keep the lecturing short and address needs and questions as they arise in class. Please come to the workshop with 1-2 songs prepared. We welcome originals, covers, instrumentals, and of course folk, old-time, and blues (or anything you learned in another Jalopy class!).

The workshop is the last Tuesday of the month from 8pm-9:30pm (we can stay later if needed). It’s only $5 to drop in and play, but we ask that you stay for the full class so you can offer support and feedback to others!